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Introducing Prostate, Piddling and Passion

Welcome. We’re excited to launch Gerry's new book. Enjoy a preview here. 

We met for coffee, its hard to remember everything when the Doctor is talking about your future prospects, but after cross examination by my wife I think I gave a good account of my visit. It was not possible to sugar coat details for my wife as she was qualified in three nursing areas, General, Midwifery and Dental so I couldn't lie through my teeth! She even knew my soon to be consultant urologist since he was a teenager. I rattled off all the scenarios I had heard of in the last month and I declared to her I had decided that I would be opting for the Brachytherapy. I explained that I now knew 2 men walking, working, playing golf and drinking after 15 years, so still
very much alive and living life to the full.
Hold on she warned, take one step at a time and don't jump ahead too far, focus on the next step. Jesus this one is good, I thought to myself, I felt the journey won't be too bad with her on board. It also crossed my mind that she may have reason for urging me to get my bloods done in the first place. I believed that as a sex mad sexagenarian I was performing at the top level in all areas relevant to the Prostate, maybe I dropped the ball or the hand pass wasn't as clinical as heretofore. Anyway all I could do for now was wait for my first consultation, Jesus, it sounds like first communion except I get no money or party.

Book Cover Prostate Cancer Gerry Kelly 2
Daithi Ó Sé and Gerry Kelly on the Today Show

Prostate, Piddling and Passion


An honest account of one man's journey with the often taboo subject of Prostate Cancer.Author Gerry Kelly leaves nothing off limits in his quest to normalise speaking out about Prostate Cancer.

Book Cover Prostate Cancer Gerry Kelly


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